Battlefield Heroes Remake

Treasure Chests Content

Royals & Nationals
IconSupreme Bandage Supreme Bandage
IconSupreme Wrench Supreme Wrench
IconTerrific Health Tonic Terrific Health Tonic
IconFantastic Fire Proof Underpants Fantastic Fire Proof Underpants
Royals Nationals
IconGraceful Unicornhead Graceful Unicornhead Hat IconEuphoric Unicornhead Euphoric Unicornhead Hat
IconElegant Horsehead Elegant Horsehead Hat IconMagnificent Horsehead Magnificent Horsehead Hat
IconMurmillo Helmet Murmillo Helmet Hat IconRed Manga Hair Red Manga Hair Hat
IconBlack Manga Hair Black Manga Hair Hat IconKawaii Glasses Kawaii Glasses Facial
IconDesu Glasses Desu Glasses Facial IconRocker's Misunderstood Hairdo Rocker's Misunderstood Hairdo Hat
IconMack's Fur Coat Mack's Fur Coat Jacket IconBrave Slinky's War Bonnet Brave Slinky's War Bonnet Hat
IconMack's Fur Hat Mack's Fur Hat Hat IconBrave Slinky's War Paint Brave Slinky's War Paint Facial
IconHerbalist's Hat Herbalist's Hat Hat IconWarrior's Red Warpaint Warrior's Red Warpaint Facial
IconMark of the Raccoon Mark of the Raccoon Facial IconTurquoise Manga Hair Turquoise Manga Hair Hat
IconMark of the Snake Mark of the Snake Facial IconRocker's Non-conformist Hairdo Rocker's Non-conformist Hairdo Hat
IconPurple Manga Hair Purple Manga Hair Hat IconPink Cheetah Tights Pink Cheetah Tights Legs
IconCheiftain Bahto's Warpaint Cheiftain Bahto's Warpaint Body IconCheetah Tights Cheetah Tights Legs
IconCheiftain Bahto's Ponytail Cheiftain Bahto's Ponytail Hat IconStriped Tiger Tights Striped Tiger Tights Legs
IconCheiftain Bahto's Piercings Cheiftain Bahto's Piercings Facial IconPink Tiger Tights Pink Tiger Tights Legs
IconTiger Tights Tiger Tights Legs IconBrave Slinky's War Vest Brave Slinky's War Vest Jacket
IconCamo Tights Camo Tights Legs IconBrave Slinky's War Skirt Brave Slinky's War Skirt Legs
IconBurt's Big Moustache Burt's Big Moustache Facial IconBrave Slinky's Moccasins Brave Slinky's Moccasins Feet
IconGrouchy Glasses Grouchy Glasses Facial IconBrave Slinky's Quiver Brave Slinky's Quiver Chest
IconFlyin' Stripes Tank Top Flyin' Stripes Tank Top Body
IconJoacim's Stainless Chestpiece Joacim's Stainless Chestpiece Jacket
IconJoacim's Stainless Helmet Joacim's Stainless Helmet Hat
IconJoacim's Stainless Shoulders Joacim's Stainless Shoulders Chest
IconJoacim's Stainless Legs Joacim's Stainless Legs Legs
IconCheiftain Bahto's Cover Cheiftain Bahto's Cover Jacket
IconCheiftain Bahto's Skirt Cheiftain Bahto's Skirt Legs
IconCheiftain Bahto's Moccasins Cheiftain Bahto's Moccasins Feet
IconCheiftain Bahto's Quiver Cheiftain Bahto's Quiver Chest

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